Edge Supercomputer

The protocol proof of computing work makes your CPU and GPU be part of the Kether Edge Supercomputer to run a multitude of variable workload programs in parallel.

You will be rewarded for the effective use of your computer power.

Infinity Storage

With the protocol proof of storage, a partition of your drive will integrate the Kether infinity storage.

You will be rewarded for the storage capacity you provided.


With the protocol proof of bandwidth, you download the Kether program on your computer or on your phone and it will run the Kether VPN node.

You will receive for the data that goes through the Kether mesh VPN on your devices.

Be The Coder

Learn a programming language. Get paid for each job done on the path of education.

Be the Leader

Join our ecosystem. Propose a project. Receive peer reviews. Invite collaborators. Vote. Get funded.

Be In Control

It is your Wallet, your Wealth.

Your wallet is part of a distributed exchange. Each wallet will hold keys.

Each key will allow you to access the functions of the Kether Blockchain.

Everybody that opens a wallet becomes an exchanger.

Each key can be traded for another key or fiat money.

Smart Contracts

The Kether Smart Contracts run on the Kether Distributed Network. The contracts can be readable by humans and machines. Its digital signature provides legal value. The embeded mechanism of dispute resolution provides safety for all members.